Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Answering Machine Demo

What I did was go to a bunch of good wills/thrift stores and buy all the old micro cassette answering machines they had. Each answering machine has a feature that allows you to record memos to yourself. The problem is you have to hold the button down to record. What I did was take a piece of string, tie it around the machine and place something in there to hold the memo button down while I recorded. Im planning on making 4 more and thats all. This was in refernce to the post I made Feb 20th 2009.

What Im doing is selling the entire answering machine as the demo. So all you have to do is plug it in, and press Play Messages. Im not really selling, Im just making a few of them and giving them out. If anyone is interested and really wants one... let me know.

I gave this one to the Dorsey family (colin,shannon,spencer,mom)


cat tails said...


Nicole said...

This is awesome.

Shannon D said...

I need to hear this once I get home!

spencer said...

Listened tons of times before leaving for vacation and had the songs stuck in my head on and off the whole time. Thanks again really appreciate it. And my mom thinks its cool too.