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The Blair Witch Project grossed $248,639,099

Blair Witch Camping Trip ::Site still up::
July 19, 1999
--Blair Witch Trip is finally up and running (save a few little glitches...starting to believe there really is a "Curse of the Blair Witch"...)The sign-up form does work, however, so go on now and sign up for our little camping trip! =) Coming soon--info on the location.

July 21, 1999
--began searching for information on Burkittsville...not incredibly successful, but still have many places to look, click here for the fruits of my labor. Still have many more places to look however. Also in the process of putting up a guestbook, so look for that soon. And, we had our first two sign ups!!!! yay!!

July 29, 1999
--Lots of stuff has happened! Travel plan version 1.0 is up (Check it out here) We now have a mailing list specially for participants of the trip (see members page for sign up info)and two more brave souls have signed up for the trip! And in the very near future (when I have time to finish programming them) some very special "Blair Witch Madlibs" will be up to provide hours of fun and games! =)

August 14, 1999--Closed signups for the trip. Hated to do it, but 30 people is most definitly enough. In the middle of talking to airlines, trying to figure out what the best rate is. The "Blair Witch Madlibs" are still coming, I promise, I've just been buried beneath projects lately!

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Blair Witch Audio

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