Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1400 AM Coast To Caost AM

I used to listen to this show when we would be driving home from philly late friday night. Sometimes they have guest but most of the time people call in and talk about crazy stuff. Mostly people talk about aliens and ghosts. The guy who runs the show (George Noory) does a great job listening to all these callers stories. You hear some stories and you think "Bullshit" but the host makes it seem he believes every single story. A lot of crazy war stories, and just weird events, its a good way to pass the time while driving or just sitting around doing jack.

1am to 5 am monday thru friday
1 am to 6 Am saturday
12 am to 6 am sunday

Heres a list of the shows in the past 90 days.

check the site

if you're up late.. honestly listen to it, its enjoyable.

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