Monday, September 8, 2008

Irrigation Dilemma

Ok first off look at this cluster fucksecond, when we were digging all those main leaks up on 16 we must have fiznucked a wire up. Cause outta no were 16 irrigation just stopped working. Well I know I hit a wire, and I got shocked by it like trickster sticking his finger in a lamp. It wasnt bad, just alittle jolt, but we thought we fixed it well enough for it to keep working. I mean it worked fine for about a month till now. So we tried switching the control unitsee those little switches on the bottom right, we had to take this one from tweleve and switch it to 16. See how the third and fourth switches are up to equal 12. To make it equal 16 irrigation box I had to switch those down, and flip up the first and fifth switch. Understand, check the diagram biotch. but anyway, we got it to work by doing this nutzo rig.. so its all good.

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First Off Decal Co. said...

haha i was really confused by your explanation. but when you said check the diagram i laughed. good work slob