Friday, September 26, 2008


seriously all the rat shit and mouse shit angered me. So I laid some trizaps down to kill those mother fuckers. the shop looks clean, really clean.Its cleaner then when we cleaned it two days in a row in the winter. All this stuff in the break room, the painting on the wall is by Mr.Kaplan, found those couches in the trash, really comfortable, and we use them for 2 things. One thing we use them for is kind of a Time CapsleTsunami 04' and the day before the pope died 05'. We have other ones in there too, but these are ebay gold.... real. The other thing we use them for is to hide all the "mens magazines" we have.the oldest one we have in there is 04' with stacey keebler.The one dude who used to work here bought one every month, but the problem is we have a women working here. So our boss just would throw them away, I told him we paid for them and its messed up, and he said "well you cant leave them out and you better find a good hiding spot for them." so.. under the cushion they went. None of us have read them since we put them there... Nice to have a clean breakroom

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