Tuesday, September 16, 2008


fartz! Seriously, this is the worse leak we've had this year. I drove up and it looked like rapids in a hole. The hole was bigger than a pooltable but around the same size rounded out. does that make sense?
well who cares. This is one of those leaks that really fuck up the area, and I mean bad, the hole it left was ridic. I went back to the shop, grabbed the irrigation key, and turned off the water. I jumped in to see what the problem was, and what I found was thigh high water and a broken pipe.
So I went back to the shop and grabbed this new bunker pump. I think its better then using a normal pump, just cause it sits on top of the water.thank the lord there was a storm drain right next to it so I could just pump it right there. I got all the water out and started to repair and see what the problem was.RUINED. It was a simple fix the clean up took awhile, still not done. This is what it looked like right before lunch.the end of the day it looked kinda good. Long lame post... sorry.

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