Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kimmi Gibbler

I adopted a two year old Pitbull Terrier. She came from a high kill animal shelter in Georgia. She must have been beaten because she'll flinch for no reason. Shes growled and barked at two little girls, that kinda scares me. She doesnt seem vicious in the house but once I take her for a walk shes a different dog. I want to prevent her aggressiveness towards other people. Any suggestions?


Nicole said...

Have adult strangers (your friends) come up and give her treats, so she'll associate strangers with good things. You have to do this a lot. Don't scold her if she growls. You don't want to create more stress for her in what is already a stressful situation and you DON'T want a dog that doesn't growl when they're uncomfortable (a dog with no warning signal before they might bite). If all else fails, pay for the services of a good behaviorist or trainer. All you need is a session or two to get your started and then you can go back to them when you have questions/problems.

Congrats on the new baby!!

steve said...

pistol marie used to do that too..she was great in the house but awful to strangers 90 percent of the time we took her for walks..we tried just about everything and eventually we pretty much gave up..we would hold her leash tighter as we walked past adults and crossed the street whenever we walked past children..sometimes we would try and distract her with a milk-bone and wait for the people to pass..i didn't think she would bite anyone but i also didn't want to find out the hard way..