Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Grown up" Cartoons

I guess I would consider the simpsons a "grown up" cartoon, even though they go more for the family style comedy feel. One show I used to watch was Duckman
I think duckman defines a "grown up" cartoon. Sick story plots, and yuck filled dialog... but I enjoyed it. I bought the entire series on DVD off for 129.99. It was copied shows off tv then burned to a dvdr. Even though sometimes you'll get some commercials, and talk overs on the end credits, I didnt mind. I didnt even mind it taking 3 months to get here untill about 2 months later they FINALY released season 1 and 2 on DVD. I was kinda angry, but not to heated.. untill 2 mins ago when I checked the price again on They lowered the price to 9.99... damn royally screwed. The show still rules, just wish I didnt waste tons of dinaro on dvdrs

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Gee said...

you spent $130 on duckman dvds? really?