Sunday, May 10, 2009

F.A.T. Trailer/AC pic

back in the day shawn and I worked the same job. We also had the same days off. When repercussion was on the Weed Tour with dead and buried, nailed right in and set ablaze we ate at this buffet in lebanon pa. One sunday a month we would drive up there or millers smorgasborg, chomp down and hang out with our friend who lived in wolmelsdorf or our other friend who lived in Harrisburg who played drums in As Tradition Ends. Shawn got a camera so we filmed the day like a bunch of old ladies. This is a trailer he made, there was another 5 minutes of Derm singing the theme from the MTV show Rich Girls but for some reason I dont have that copy.

The part of the video with shawn playing guitar and me acting retarded was when we had the first Sheer Disrespect practice. Also found this picture, made me think of how things were back then. No fake people, just real friends, no lame bullshit and good times. I asked the guy to get in the picture with us and for his wife to take the picture. This was the night "Tommynorcal" threw the head of a hammer at a homeless person and I taught eric how to play roulette. Spot out the tough asian?
never again.


mike said...

Me and Tony were just talking about that night not too long ago. I have a few more pics from that day/era on one of my old camera's memory cards, I need to find them.

Gee said...

i still have all of the old tapes from those days. i need a charger for my camera and i can look for the derm singing.