Tuesday, May 12, 2009

gonna be a long summer

Lost a really good worker, and it sucks. He dislocated his arm, and now hes out for 3 months. He was pretty much the crew foreman and did all the things I used to do when I was crew foreman. Like training people... I used to be so patient, now when I train people I really have zero tolerance for failure. I mean Im not an a-hole about it, but I used to let things slide here and there. Now I just call them out on every little mistake they make so they know how important it is to pay attention to detail and their job. I mean I guess its better Im this way, rather then letting things slide and letting the employees think its ok to act up, not do the job right or not pay attention. Cant wait till I have to train the russains... its going to bite the big one uncle roman. This is a picture from the 11th green looking at the fairway. I cut all 18 greens today and cut fairways yesterday 89 days and counting.

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