Sunday, May 27, 2012

Richman's Ice Cream [Rt 40]

Back in 2007 my band recorded in Delaware. We took route 40 to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Right before Cow Town I saw this Ice Cream plant.
On the outside marquee it said "Stop in to take a tour the facility". Ever since then, I wanted to take my nephew to check it out. I didnt get a chance to, till yesterday. Drove all the way up there only to find it closed in 2010. 
Did a little searching and found out the plant closed down in 1994. We just walked around and explored.
Found a way inside and took some pictures. Was surprised how trashed  it was. Not sure what this pulley thing is for.
I told him we should go check out Cow Town since we were so close. 
Another disappointing adventure. I've never been there when they had the flea market. Packed and everyone was selling trash. Cheap plastic jewelry, bags of chex mix and fake cologne seemed to be the hot items everyone was selling. 
drove home and ate at the Purple Penguin 

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Brett said...

We used to stop there on the way to Williamsburg, VA. I was surprised too when it closed. The ice cream was pretty good. Anyway, the pictures of the rundown ice cream plant are really neat.