Saturday, August 13, 2016

tomtom GPS

So I went to some yard sale without any thought of buying something. The person was selling used pots, old shoes and old college text books. I was leaving and she said "I have a GPS if you're interested". She lifted a pot and showed me this beat up, dirty, nasty, grimy, tiny thing. I told her I'd be interested if it worked and she said it did. I asked how much, she thought about it and said "$5?". I bought it. I cleaned it up, plugged it in and to my surprise it came on.
I did a quick search just to see how out of date it was. Not only did WaWa not show up, there were some old buffets that are out of business still showing. 
I tried to update, but it turns out you need to pay $80 to get new maps and updated info. Not interested in paying that for a backup device. I changed the start up picture to this 
I changed the log off picture to this.
I guess its still kinda cool I have a GPS for when my phone wont work.

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