Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trash Humpers

Heather Brett and me drove up together and Seamus Shannon Spencer drove up together. When we got to the theater it was a fix gear paradise outside. The movie starts and already these philly scenesters are laughing at parts that arent funny. Made me kinda mad, but it didnt really bother me to much. Me personally, I love the dialog in harmony's movies. The first part of the movie had little talking. Harmony cast his wife as one of the trash humpers. Shes not a good actress, I've seen her in Dirty Ones and Mr Lonely and she kinda ruined both for me. She acts like someone trying to act the way he wants. Some people understand, some people try to hard and pretend to understand... like her. One point in the movie they fucked up and the movie was off for 5 mins. Some trashy whore yells out "Garbage Tits" and Im glad no one even paid attention to her. The second half of the movie seemed to have more dialog and more memorable parts. I enjoyed it, but not as much as everyone else I guess. I was bummed to find out that hes actually releasing this on DVD and VHS. Only 150 vhs will be pressed. I dont understand how he never released "Jokes", but is going to release this? Anyway they made MP3 ringtones of the movie, here they are:


:I think it was awesome that the people I saw it with all laughed at the same thing. When it was quite you could hear us laughing at things other people didnt get. But whatever, Im gonna buy it, but I need to watch it again to get a good feel of how I really feel about it.

"I don't follow rules on Sunday, I don't eat pies on Monday, I don't cry myself to sleep on Wednesday". Trashhumpers was interesting.

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