Saturday, August 21, 2010

1992 memory (Dactyl Nightmare )

I remember when I was a kid, this virtual reality game was featured in the mall.
Kids and adults waiting in long lines to play this. They had TV screens set up so you could see what the person was seeing as they were playing. I think it was 20$ to play. Some people didnt understand the concept when trying to walk, and kept walking into the circle barrier around them. I remember the graphics being shitty like LawnmowerMan style with less horrible virtual sex scenes.
I always wanted to do it, but never did during its hype phase. I waited till it was boring, dumb and everyone thought it was lame to do it. It was in the Ocean One mall. I walked up and there were no lines, I paid 15$ and stood in the platform for like 10 mins waiting for another person to play against me. I think the guy running it gave some honky a discount so he would play. It was not awesome, not cool but I destroyed the guy I played against.
I used to watch this show every morning before school..ruled

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