Thursday, August 6, 2009

2 Old Pics

This picture was taken in my old crappy ford taurus. We were heading to AC to hang out with some rebels from PA
this was the first or second Murder Can Kill Your Social Life practice. Those were the old days with no crap-ola on the wall. We used to get so pissy at each other when we would play, the heat had the biggest factor to that. The room was sound proof and had no windows, so in the middle of the summer we would be dripping sweat. It was digusting. In the middle of playing, shawn would look at me sweating, about to pass out and say "Dad DJ". I started laughing cause I knew he was talking about the episode of Full House when DJ fainted at the gym.

why does the audience laugh? thats fucked up.. it was like that every practice


spencer said...

wow holy young. and pre lobster

Funka said...

Only closeted, sensitive 'ol Danny Tanner would buy such a ridiculous work-out outfit for a nine year old. Is that the ANOREXIA episode? And the audience laughed? How rude!