Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Top Chef 5 [why Im a loser]

Last top chef I watched every episode every Wednesday night with a Blizzard.It was such an awesome season, I was super into it and I picked the winner Stephanie from the start.Yea Stephanie! check my old posts you'll see I picked her from the very beginning. I really enjoy the show alot, but this season I cant stay up late, I think it has to do with the cold, it makes it so hard to wake up early. Well this season I picked another person from the start Jamie.Shes a good chef and I just think and hope she'll win. Shes doing well so far, I just hope she doesnt get kicked off. Recently though I've been drawn to another chef on the show, Radhika.She just seems so down in the dumps all the time I feel bad for her. Even though I picked Jamie to win, I hope Radhika wins so she can brighten up! alittle more.

stupid post


HeatherFe said...

now i used to LOVE a good blizzard. but is it my imagination or are there way less chunks in it than there used to be? the blizzard w/ vanilla fingers + strawberries = coldgasm

i fucccking hate the "couple". i don't care if leah is part filipino, she's also part shady bitch. i think it's gonna be radhika, jamie, and stefan in the end. i think the ostrich is gonna tap out soon.

Jay said...

Carla is pretty funny, and her food doesnt suck that much, I hate stefan, and the couple, kinda lame they hung the jersey girl out to dry on the lamb challenge.