Saturday, September 25, 2010

ATTN: Sarah Shourd

You suck. You keep claiming you're a hiker you're a hiker, bullshit, you and your scum friends knew what you were doing when you went over the border. I could imagine the conversation right before doing it.

Shourd: Hey, if we get caught lets just say we hiked over the border by accident and we didnt know. Nothing can go wrong with this.... sound like a plan?
:: High-five ::

Nice try moron, you were all fucking freelance journalist trying to make names for yourselves. You said while you were in prison the guards were treating you like a child but you were "grown up" and could handle what they could dish out. You got a fucking chocolate cake on your birthday, the fucking horror, how could they treat you like that! You also said you went on hunger strikes... more than one? way to fail. Im glad america didnt step in and try to help you and your scum friends get out. Im also glad some loser paid 500,000$ to get you out so we can listen to your bullshit torture story of hell and yummy desserts in the desert. You are not a hero, you are not a martyr, you are someone who got caught doing something wrong and got punished for it. So stop crying about you're experience in america, and get back in class to teach kids english in Damascus...scum

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