Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vet Stadium National Anthem

I know this is hard to believe, but in 1989 or 1990 I actually sang the national anthem at Vet Stadium. In 4th grade I was in my schools singing group and we would sing at the Mall and Tropworld in Atlantic City on holidays. Well that year this kid Brian Joo's ( who is actually very famous in Korea right now) mom worked at Vet Stadium. She worked some magic so we could sing the national anthem. We practiced so much so we wouldn't mess up, we had to sing a certain way so we could deal with the crazy echo. It was only 5 kids me included. So my family was at home waiting to watch the game to see us singing the anthem on TV. We walked out to the home plate, and it was crazy. The only thing I remember was the pitcher was throwing to the catcher, and we were standing right behind the catcher, I was just so scared to be hit by the ball. After awhile of standing out there flinching after every pitch, they announced we were going to sing the anthem. We sang and honestly did good. We got to stay for the game for free. I went home and my mom told me they didnt air the national anthem.. I was bummed. But some kid in school was watching some local channel, and they covered that we sang. He recorded it and brought it to school. Let me just tell you, next year so many people joined the singing group including my brother. This paraplegic kid joined too and I could not understand that at all, he couldnt even sing let alone breath on his own. They all thought we were going to sing at the stadium again. but we didnt, thats about it.. I found this Souvenir Scorebook from 1993 thats what made me think of that story.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this story.