Saturday, March 5, 2011

Motley Crew VHS Bootleg

Saw this, bought this. I knew it was going to be terrible. I hate Motley Crue but It was only .25$ at goodwill. I was hoping it would capture some righteous the beacon in NYC October 1998.
No lie, its absolutely a waste of time. The guy filming is in the balcony and he keeps putting his hand in front of the camera to try and hide it. He does a good job of zooming and following the action, but he keeps hitting this button that displays this banner
I'd say he does it every 3 mins. Vince Niel drugged up. He kept saying things like "let me here you say Fuck Yea", to my surprise the entire audience screams it. They played Girls Girls Girls and some women with overalls jumped on stage and gave him a hugThe only way this video would have ruled is if the year was 89 not 98. The end was kinda awesome. Vince kept yelling " Mtv is gonna start playing Heavy Metal music again, and its all thanks to this guy" and guess who walks out....
Fucking Jesse from the I want to be an MTV VJ. Immediately everyone booed him and threw things at him. He sang "Smoking in the boys room" and it was a bomb. At the end he takes the bass, puts it on and pretends to play so serious.

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