Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wackers - Tornado of beer and destruction!

1. Halloween part 2
2. Kill Pat Robertson
3. Kill The Nazis
4. Go Away

all I have to say is these songs rule, its crusty grime fast punk music. The sad thing is most of the other songs on other albums are punk bullshit. They went from raw shit, to dog shit. Songs went from killing nazis and pat roberston, to meeting girls and falling in love. It has to be becuase of a new singer... These 4 songs are the only songs I used to listen to by them, songs 2 and 3 are from this album and the other 2 are from their other 7inch. If you're interested in more tracks, go to this site, their entire discography is up there along with other old hardcore/punk/grind bands from the Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh Valley Archives

thanks to Steve Sheckelton for the 7inch picture

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