Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cocaine Handbook.. I bought it

I saw this and had to buy it. Its just something I've never seen before and was shocked when I saw it.
it kinda blows me away with the details they published in this book.they have pages of how good cocaine is supposed to look, how to test it to make sure its good and how to make it
This is the part I love the most, Cocaine and Economics
Two grams of cocaine could get 15 cases of Heinekens. Four grams of cocaine could be a weekend in Hawaii. Seven grams of cocaine could buy you a Sony Betamax????throughout the entire book they have stories like these.
they talk about some of the downfalls of using cocaine, like getting a huge hole in your nose from constantly usingThe glossary in the back had terms that I guess back in the day were new and tabooI just think its crazy things like this were made, I also think its awesome when they're found and cheap. I paid 5$ for this...

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Boris said...

You want to sell it? I'll pay you double what you paid for it.