Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bought a Movie Reel (35 mm i think)

I bought this today from the Berlin Market. I was walking by some guy, and saw these sitting on the table. He had no idea what the movies were, so I looked them up for him and told him what they were about. One was a dancing movie, one was a racing movie, and the other one was a horror movie.
I bought the horror movie. Its called Dont Open The Door. I watched the trailer and it looks terrible.
I bought reels 1 2 and 3 first and took them back to my car. Right before I left I figured I should go back and buy 4 and 5.
I walked back and told the guy i'd take the other two reels. He kept trying to sell me the other two movies, he said "I dont understand why you're not buying the other movies" if it wasnt for Becky, I would have bought them all.

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Sandcastle Cupcakes said...

so awesome! even the boxes are cool!