Saturday, January 29, 2011

1994 News Paper

cleaning out my car, found this old news paper stuffed under the spare tire. This story was crazy, Its hard to read so I typed it out.
LINDEN- A case of sibling rivalry caused a city man to chase his older brother through St Marks Park while wielding a 39 inch-long Samurai sword.
Mark Nettles, 25 was arrested sunday after allegedly threatening to slash his 33-year-old brother Richard with the Japanese warrior sword.
Police said the brothers got into an argument at their parents home about Mark Nettles former girlfriend whom Richard Nettles was dating.
After the argument, Richard Nettles left the house and walked the half-block to the park.
Mark Nettles grabbed the sword from his parents house and began running after his brother police said. Richard Nettles told police that his brother also said he was going to get a gun and shoot him.
The chase eventually ended up back at the Nettles family home, where Mark Nettles was arrested police said.
Mark Nettles is charged with possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes and making terroristic threats. No bail had been set as of monday and the Nettles remained at police headquarters
Wigwam sale.. hellz yes. Remember Bob Kislins? I went there before we went to Stokes. I miss stores like this and Hermans.

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