Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Phaggot Phighting Phills Phans

We get it, you're Fans of the Phillies, do you need to spell everything with a PH that usually starts with an F? I know its been done long long ago, but not in 78', look how fun is spelled. Phor gods sake I saw something the other day that said " Phree Pharking" that doesn't even make sense.. Im lying I didnt see that, but still, its still as ridiculous as what you, the phillies fans, are doing. People riding the wave annoy me too. Saying I've always loved baseball yada yada I always loved the phillies yada yada I've been waiting for this since 93' yada yada.. give me a break and shut the PHuck up. I'll whip out my lenny dykstra rookie card and stun everyone. While looking for hot phillies pictures I did find this sandwich. DO WANT

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