Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gym success + [fail]

I used the elliptical this morning and did 2 miles in 19 mins. Thats the best I've ever done. I usually do a mile in 13 mins. But today some woman was next to me, and I guess I was trying to keep up with her. She did 2 1/2 by the time I was at 1.5. Plus we had a leak yesterday, and it was old, so there was stink mud I was laying in. Well I didnt take a shower and still had mud on me this morning. I must have been smelling really horrible. But I did a dumb thing after I ran those 2 miles in 19 mins.. I celebrated at Mcdonalds..who does that?! Seeing this picture makes me realize I really need to do something diet wise.The first two where good, I was full... then I ate the other two just cause they were there. I have a problem and no will power.

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