Sunday, October 5, 2008

Electric Factory Tegan and Sara

Well I can say I saw them, and I can also say that they were really good. Tickets were 50$ a pop, but some how eric had the hook up and got them at 30$ a piece.
As Im about to leave, Eric calls me and asks if I know anyone who would want to buy his ticket. This mother fucker got on the guestlist. Friends of his saw tegan and sara walking in philly, talked with them, and they put them on the guest list with a plus one. SO JEALOUS. I called a friend who lived in philly and he took the ticket. There were alot of lesbians, eric said " these dont look like the lesbians I download on my computer, none of them wear scarves". We finally went inside. The first band girl in a coma played, angerd me soo much, not good at all. The lead singer was a babe that was the only good thing about their set. I texted eric and said "I hate showz" he texted me back and said " Its not a show.. its a concert brah". He was right, the rock concert so far SUCKED. Then this dude city and colour played. The dude is the lead singer for Alexis on Fire. I didnt hate it, I didnt like it. It just wasnt good.. it was just some dude filling space before tegan and sara. Tegan and Sara came on
Heres the best shot I could get, the light show they had was so boombastic. They played every song I wanted to hear except Wake up Exhausted. Their banter was really funny and made me laugh, which I was surprised because I was in such a sass anger mood cause of the lameness before. 3 songs in Spencer shows up, this dude is a show aficianato. 3 shows in one week... how loyal to the scene. Eric got a parking ticket, we drove back to his crib to get my car,
Murro did a mural on his wall in his living room, it was really good. He hooked spence and me up with some braindead merch. It was a righteous time seriously, so glad I went and saw tegan and sara. Im such a loser.

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mozzerellamcmozzerellaalot said...

awesome dude your dream finally came true, and just think you didn't have to pay for c-ron's gas and his food! yaaaago