Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Overseeding bad areas around the course

So we've been trying to get rid of all the seed in the shed outside... why you ask, because rats, and mice are eating it and shitting in the shed.those are not chocolate treats, they are rat crap, and alot of it. See the problem is the seed is outside, so the rats just have a buffet of seed. My boss tried to put poison in there, but they didnt touch it.. when you have a buffet of seed why eat something thats not seed. The smell is horrible in there so I had to wear a maskI need a hair cut. the mask was a size medium. I got bags of seed and went out to slice seed some areas around the greens.We put the rate up so high, the seed fell out. So when I had to wait for golfers, there would be a pile of seed where I was sitting. Meh lame post

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mozzerellamcmozzerellaalot said...

haha bro well at least the seed went down with a little fertilizer!