Saturday, October 25, 2008

Glow Stick

Spencer went to florida awhile back, and when he came back he had some fireworks he didnt want. I told him I didnt want them either, but I took them so we could scare geese off the course in the winter.
seriously I know they look like wimp style firecrackers. They aint! I took a plastic cup I stole from Sharon Zhengs 2 buffet, filled it up with water, lit one of these bunker busters, and dropped it into the cup. Thinking it would only pop and shoot water out, I held it in my hand and did it in my kitchen. To my surprise it blew up the cup in my hand, shot water everywhere, and was loud as hell. We found glow sticks on the course this morning, cut them in half and dropped some bunker busters in themsucks so much my camera didnt capture the explosion, but this picture is right before it exploded. This other picture is right after one exploded.
so lame I couldnt get itm but kinda neat I guess. I hope these things arent toxic, cause I got super light headed after these things went off. The smell was Mad Yuck Ot. Predator

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