Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anne Frank is the original blogger

Spence and I headed up to Chris Borns house last night to grill some grindage for his house warming bbq/get together. I bought a thing of 12 pork steaks, 2 london broils, a huge bag of sour cream and onion chips, and some potato rolls. Thank god spence drove, my car is a bucket of bolts and leaks more than shit juice into a colostamy bag. Pulled up to his house and he comes walking out... "sorry beege, I have no gas for my grill". Thats why, no matter what anyone says, charcole is always better not only for taste, but speedy grillability (?spell check?). So he said he would pay for us to goto the Ming Dynasty Buffet. We all piled into his girlfriends car and headed to go chomp out. Stupid me forgot my cellphone in the car, so I couldnt take blog worthy pictures of how amazing the food was. At a buffet I was surprised how many Sushi choices there were. There were at leaste 20 different kinds of rolls and sashimi. MAD YUM OT! We drove back to their pad and chilled for alittle bit. His dog Loki is fucking nutz to the mAxImUm, its a Nakita and kept fucking everyone up. It jumped up and pawd me in the family jewelz, it kept pushing spencer over, it chewed through the electronic drum wires, just a real pain in the azz. They said they have a pillow that it humps, and they bought it only for that reason... of course they tell me that after I licked it. Joke. But it looked pretty nasty. We ended the night with chris's girlfriend Racheal playing every Nirvana song flawless. On the way home we stopped at a rest stop and saw this sign, some reason we thought it was really funny, probly cause we were tired but I took a picture of it was a pretty gnar time, even though we didnt grill. But grilling needs to be done soon! NP style?

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HeatherFe said...

Oh yes I think a fall bbq would be a good idea. We should try seasonal stuff like sweet potatoes, cranberry & fig kabobs (no? ew? good? stupid?), and pumpkin.