Thursday, October 30, 2008

they won, shut up. pics from philly on 76 last night

Traffic looked like it was crazy in the city around 12am, but walt whitman bridge was fine. We drove by alot of loud beeping retards. We were up in doylestown to get the jumpercable shirts, and when we were driving back home we saw all this.
Seriously though, who cares.


bex said...

it's history.
and it was amazing.
to see, for one night, all these people come together and not care about skin color, class or any of the other stupid divisions that society creates and actually just enjoy eachother and the fact that we were there, together, sharing an experience like winning the world series.
i've never seen anything like it in my life.

Jay said...

im sorry its still stupid, when you learn history in school and they talk about vietnam, baseball/football/hockey are not mentioned. It may be local history, but not as important as people are making it out to be. Its like Trix, sports are for kids. agree to disagree

eric said...

I fucking hate you