Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pinback Road Trip (long post)

Got a call from Spencer yesterday at around 12 pm, he says " Stereo lab is playing Philly, and Pinback is play DC tonight, who should I see?" I told him, if he was going to DC to see pinback I would go too. The night before he saw Pinback at the TLA... Well long story short, he picked pinback. So we left nj at around 4 started heading down towards DC. The ride was longthats driving through the tunnelario near Baltimore. Well we get to DC, find the venue and park about 3 blocks away. We end up running into the bass player/singer from Pinback. I thought he was just a back up dude, not one of the main dudes. We talked to him awhile about how he got food poisoning from this venue the last time they played. We started walking back towards the car when we saw this basement record store.10.00 bucks for a 7inch... the place really fucking sucked. the music playing inside was so unlistenable I think they play it so people dont stay long in the store. Only one thing I saw I wanted, but it was stapled on the wall..So we get in line for the show. It starts raining. We're about to go in, and some security dude puts his arm in front of Spencers chest.. and some lame door dude Sass'd him hard and said "You skipped a step" and rolled his eyes like a dorkus. I had to be marked under 21 cause I forgot my ID, I didnt care, BFD. The first band SPOCK played, 2 songs were good, the rest was unlistenable, it was all instrumental and just zany to be zany.. suck factory. They played for 45 mins, and these two "techs" started rolling up the wires... took them 15 mins to roll up 4 wires. Up next was Pinback... first song starts and I think my ear is about to blow.. so like an 80 year old women I keep my finger in my right ear the whole show cause we were standing right next to the PA. The dude we were talking to was a talented mother F'r. He played these hard bass lines and sang like it was no problem. Jealous. They were good, the music was flawless, the singing was flawless, just a really awesome experience. they played for 1 hr and 38 mins.. LONG FOR MY TASTE! The show ended we were leaving and we said we had to see the white house. so we went to the white house but my Cam couldnt get a good pic. So we took a picture of the Treasury buildingwhen we were leaving we saw some Russians walking towards the white house at 1:00 am, I tried to be nice and said "hello" and they gave me the dirtiest looks ever. whatevs. We stopped at a rest stop and the dude mopping the floor smelled like he was using piss water, like he didnt clean the water out of the bucket. I was doing crazy tired talk... we ended up getting home at 4:15am. I went into work and slept on the couch for an hour. sooo tired, soo much fun.. You skipped a step

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