Sunday, October 19, 2008

nothing to write..seriously

today I woke up feeling like I was in grade school, there was a test, and I didnt do my homework. Just an empty, worried, out of place feeling. Maybe Im getting nervous about school next year, Im not sure. My satuday nights always feel like a waste when I go to sleep at 9/10 oclock, I need to be a late night hot shot on my saturdays to feel like I did something. Yesterday I had a good time hanging with Brett and Heather, we drove around and they did shopping for a partay. Drivin, Shoppin, Chillin. Well band of brothers is on tv, looks like my day is shot watching this dog dirt.

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HeatherFe said...

It could be the weather too. Cloudy cold Sundays can make just about anyone feel uneasy. It's as if you bad dreams all night that were too vivid.