Thursday, November 13, 2008


Im trying it again, I started on monday with no sow, cow, or foul. Im kinda hoping I can last longer than I did last time. I guess we'll see, Im pretty sure I'll fail, but so far I've been doing well. Of course the chef at the proshop fucked up my lunch order and gave me turkey when I said tuna.. what a biotch. I didnt eat it, I just ate the french fries. I seem to be eating like a little fat kid, eating pretzals, tastycakes, bagels, just alot of sweets I didnt usually eat alot of.. who am I kidding. Anyway wish me luck [fail]


bex said...

i've been sans meat for about...3 months. if you need some tips on the heathly route, holler. it's easier than you think.

HeatherFe said...

I'm making vegan mac and cheese w/broccoli rabe Friday night. If you wanna join is you're always more than welcome.