Thursday, November 20, 2008

bob ghengis khan

I guess its karma. I shit in the new bathrooms on the course again (if you arent a member of my other blog you have no idea what Im talking about). As I sit down to shit, I see the water from the faucet is frozen. I seriously didnt think anything of it, till I tried to flush... lord. The toilet water was frozen and wouldnt flush. So I wipe, front to back, put soap all over my hands, and try the faucet just for shits and grins. I dont think so tim, not working. I went to the ladies room with soapy handies just to see if the water would work in there. Again.. Al Borland . So I looked in the frozen water of the ladies room toilet and said... looks clean. I washed my hands with the toilet water from the womens room, and as Im leaving, hit my head and the low ass door frame. I did what denzel washington did in training day

:03 to :12 seconds I did exactly that, pumped my hand and said "you motttthhhaa fuckaa...son of a bitch". it hurt, blood all in my sweet ass hat. well thats my nasty bitching story

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