Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friday and Monday Hellz

I was at work on friday and felt like dung. As the day went on, mood changed and I felt like having a monster bbq for some reason. Texted brett to see if he was down, and he was. After work, he and heather picked me up and we went meat, grill goods shopping. Seriously we bought so much pork:
Heather and Brett made the good food, everything I cooked burned. I put the food on while the grill was its hottest and just didnt watch it. stupid. It was tolerable, but not that enjoyable cause it was burned like homeless guy after a hate crime.
They both were grillin pretzels on grill, and seriously they were good. Cooked some spicy spicy sausage, I dont think it was cooked all the way, but it was kinda good. I cooked a pork loin end really slow, and it was cooked perfect. But the best thing of the night was thisHave mercy, I dont remember what cheese was in there, but it was cheese pepperoni and some other meat.
Sooo good, one snake was taken out, the other one wasnt touched. Pork Overload. but worth it. Pumpkin pie was really good.

JC at J.C.Dobbs
Seriously alot of fun. At the show we had to play a short set because we got a new bass player. Hes the fucking man for learning 5 songs, plus a new song we wrote in only 3 practices. The venue is righteous, the sound was amazing. I could hear myself playing, and that never happens. The drums were mic'd up and sounded tip top. On the outside marquee on south street
That was one of the coolest things. I think its kinda funny too, backstage they have this dry erase board with the times we're supposed to be on. Look how much time they gave us.
What the hell are we going to play for that long? The people who set up the show were really nice, and said they really enjoyed our set (lies). The guy that contacts all the opener bands to play bigger shows told Spencer hes going to call us if a big show isnt booked up so we could open. Thats pretty righteous. I thought it was awesome alot of cape may/court house/ i came i conquered dudes came all the way up there to see us play. Its really awesome to have righteous people like that enjoy your band. Other people I was surprised and happy to see there were brett heather and borna. I think that was the best show for them to see, the sound was hype, and the set was short. We didnt play long enough for people to get bored and hate us. Gnarly


First Off Decal Co. said...

i read that you had a show last night. anger. meh. i slept.

HeatherFe said...

We need another pork party, or we can choose another animal for the slaughter. I think the issue is that we need to start marinating like a day or 2 ahead of time. Mmmm I'll make some buttery rosemary bread too!!!

I thought the show was great.It's always especially good when the band looks like they're having fun together. I'm gonna practice punching Brett in the face so I can go in the pit next time.