Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nov 18th

+Harmony Korine book
+Harmony Korine movie

really cant wait for both to come out.

---from the books one sheet--
Some of these Collected Fanzines were done in collaboration with Mark Gonzales. Harmony and Mark would go back and forth, trying to make each other laugh. They d stay up for days writing poems based on the names of famous people like "Mae West go east". When there were enough sheets, they d put them in some kind of order, a lot of time they would use the pages as pillows. It was a lot of fun, lots of laughs.

We ve tried to reproduce them in trade paperback form with the same production values which is to say, not much. They also come in an ultra-deluxe limited-edition box-set containing replicas of the original fanzines, for those of you with your eyes on future auction profits.

Harmony s house burned down around 2000 or something. At that point, the focus shifted. And he got lazy. But today, we've got this collection of seven fanzines from a time of innocence, exploration, experimentation, discovery, depression and hanging around.


In the one sheet it also says Harmony is considering doing some readings, maybe with mark gonzales, to promote the book. I would love to go to one of those.

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