Saturday, November 22, 2008

makes me want to play bass again

Video rules. I really enjoy bass players like this, the fun feel when they play. I hate bass players like Jaco Pastourius. He was a guitar player who had no name in the guitar world, so he took his weak azz skillz in guitar and just transferred them over to bass. He has no feel, no fun when he plays. I swear if esteban wanted to, all he had to do was start playing bass and new jack retards would think hes gods gift to I know people love flee, but in all reality its bass players like les claypool that have that same fun feel to how he plays. Flee plays fast and sloppy, not really hitting everything he wants to play, not saying hes not good, just not perfect. Les is dead on, everytime, he doesnt miss a beat, a note, nothing. I compare these two because they were the mainstream bass dudes that people sucked off. Im not going to talk about Victor Wooten or the dude from Dave Mathews, just cause those dudes dont play the style of bass I like. Watch these and you'll see what I mean


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