Thursday, November 13, 2008

My last 10$ till tomorrow

I went to wawa to check how much loot I had in my account, and all I had was 15$. So I took 10$ out and got a Veggie Classic, chips, soda and a new snickers bar.the old women at wawa really knew how to pack subs up. It was better than a classic italian I usually get, for some reason the veggie had a better taste. Whenever I see new things like candy/chips/food I have to try it, so I dont miss out on if its good or not. Well I tried the new snickers bar
Rockin Nut Road, was pretty good, instead of nougat and caramel it was marshmallows and nuts. I kinda liked it better than the normal snickers. If I didnt try new things I would have never known how amazing Sobe Mr.Green Soda was.

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