Saturday, November 15, 2008

death to fixed gears - skid vicious

True bike dudes are going to read this, see the picture and say " hey thats not a fixed gear herb". Well guess what, If thats the case, you have problems. How an ancient mode of transportation became such an obsession with people, I will never understand. I dont see people getting platnum saddles for horses. A bike is a bike is a bike. like is a horse is a horse a horse of course. This guys is doing a skid and heading to the khyber
Dont compare a bike to car, this is recreation transportation in a simplistic form. In the same way roller blades and skateboards are a mode of "rec. tran.". Keep the gear ratio to yourself, if you love this as a hobbie, dont preach it to EVERYONE you know. Some people dont do it for the fact of being awesome, and I have no qualms with them at all and this is not directed at you. Its the people who go out of their way to let everyone know they ride a fixed gear bike. They yell at people on normal bikes "Fix your bike" (meaning turn it into a fixed gear). I dont want to hear it anymore, its just lame. I enjoy Harmony Korine, I dont go yelling at people in blockbuster renting "Jo Verses The Volcano" , and say "HEY GUMMO THAT MOVIE". ok Im offended

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