Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mister Lonely

I got the DVD yesterday, and it is shot with an awesome camera. I think thats the problem for me. I like the gritty feel of all Harmony Korine movies, this has a polished over produced feel. The actors have trouble acting in the movie, not like the acting in gummo, Im talking like bad acting in a major movie, its hard to get into. There is one character that is awesome, and its the guy who plays Abe Lincoln. Hes really funny and his part in the movie makes it enjoyable. Harmonys girlfriend plays in the movie too, when shes walking down the train tracks singing (Red Riding Hood's Hangman) it gives it that old harmony feel. All in all I think I could watch in one more time, but I dont think its a lifer like Gummo and Julien.

*I'll post clips of Abe when I get home*

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