Thursday, November 6, 2008

F it

I will post again, the protest wasnt against a black president, or a Dem, it was a protest against celebs. I wrote on other blogs my points on why I said I wouldnt post. So Im just going to copy and paste one of my comments on here:

I hate celebs. If bon jovi is telling me to vote for obama.. I just have to say hes livin on a prayer if he thinks thats going to work. Im not saying obama is a celeb, Im just saying the people backing him are doing it for all the wrong reasons, and that makes me dislike him. He might have some good points, but as a prez Id rather have perez...

Ok whatever, Im going to post both blogs again. I was bored and drew this on some directions I gave someone. Sassy pissed off lion, sad alien

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HeatherFe said...

I like that bunny A LOT!

I think a better way to protest would be to burn downloaded music/movies and just leave them lying around the county. They don't care about the country as much as they care about their wallets.