Saturday, November 8, 2008

tc, mark, me and ice cream sandwichs 83'

this pic was taken at my grandmoms house in pleasentville in 1983. These two brothers stayed really close to my grandmom. When my grandpop passed away, they were there at the front door the next day talking with my grandmom to make sure she was alright. They would come check up on her to see how she was and just touch base to let her know they were thinking about her. When she passed away, they were at the funeral talking about old times with my brother my mom and me. Good people.


HeatherFe said...

THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! I can't believe how blond your hair is, I think you need that style again. Very swedish. Your face looks the same!

weseenolimits said...

Which one are you in the picture ? Awesome picture dude

weseenolimits said...

I still remember when you and warren came by when my g mom passed. That meant a lot dude, I'll never forget it. Serious post.