Thursday, November 20, 2008

leak leak why the fuck is there a leak

Today we tried working on and finishing this leak from yesterday, but this leak was so fucked up, it took all day, and still didnt finish. Im so dirty you should call me Xtina Aguilera. I had to lay and fish through freezing water just to find the head that shot off the pipe. this is what we got finished today
26 degrees yesterday, and we have a fucking leak
see were the pipes all meet under that big clump. well right to the right of that there is supposed to be a sprinkler head. Well as you can see there is nothing, so water was just flowing out.I didnt go into to much detail because I know people who read this blog hate posts about my work.


HeatherFe said...

I actually started to miss the lawn stories. How come there are always leaks?? It would drive me crazy.

First Off Decal Co. said...

haha i didnt' notice fuck in the sand. that great.