Friday, November 7, 2008

Think about the first 5 cds/cassette you bought or got as a gift

I bought b52's cause I saw a video on vh1 for a song called Channel Z. Dont remember anything else about it, just that I saved money and bought it at the Wall in the shore mall.
same kinda thing, I saw the video for Crazy (track 3 on side b) with Alicia Silverstone. I thought the song was awesome, and I thought she was a major fox. I got this for christmas I think.1994
The next three albums came all came out in 94. Seriously that was the year of catchy/trendy/good albums. I dont remember buying this, I remember listening to it alot, and letting my dad borrow it and never getting it back. Zombie was the hot track back then, and I was standing on the wall by myself, at my grade schools Canteen.1994
Basket Case is why I bought this. I thought it was catchy and fast. I guess this would be the first album that got me into the "punk" scene. 1994
Self Esteem. The song and video were awesome. I thought I was so cool listening to this music that said the F word in it. Such a lame 7th grader. I got into music kinda late as a kid. When people were listening to Nirvana I was watching TV.

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HeatherFe said...

It's hard to remember exactly but I think this is my list:
Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth
Paula Abdul - (LIKE ALL OF EM)
Cathy Dennis - Into the Skyline
Rupaul - Supermodel of the World
Joey Lawrence - Joey Lawrence

I still love all of it and could still sing just about every song word for word.