Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever [Xbox]

Its not worth the new game price, I think thats the fucked up part. If it came out and they charged maybe 30$ that'd be cool. This game was still being worked on when 2k came in and picked it up. They just worked with what they had and threw it to the fans. Look at the shitty manual This reminds me of like a computer game manual, not an xbox 360 manual. Its cool to see what they've been working on so long and if it came out in 1999 it would have been amazing, the problem is its 2011. A lot of stupid parts in the game. While youre playing you run into these meaningless annoying mini games and annoying game play. For example, you get shrunk and you ride around in a RC car in a dark casino...fucking lame. While you're playing theres no direction or objective... you pretty much have to figure out what to do on your own. In one part, the game actually lags bad. It should have been a straight first person shooter.. thats it...I dont know... I guess I kinda enjoy it... but Im not going to finish it... SO I guess I hate it. I loved old duke, Im leaning towards straight hate for this one.
angry DO NOT BUY
I dont feel like writing anymore...

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