Sunday, June 19, 2011

VHS purchased

Recent ones I bought.
I thought this would deal with math and studying mixed with karate... but its basic karate and self defense. 24.95 $ ? terrible
This is going to be interesting
Kinda excited to see this.. surprised I found this at Goodwill. When I went there I also saw some blonde haired hardcore girl looking at books wearing a scene hoodie. Very babetastic.
The High School Comedy About The 3 R's. Rock-Rock and Rock! I saw this on Prism when I was young and loved it. Watched it again a few years ago... not as good, actually pretty terrible. Since it was a screener they had an ad for the movie.89.95$ Suggested Retail?
I cant wait to watch this and see the Pokemon Website Listings.
"Seems as though mean ghost Malachai, a legendary trumpet man, is playing quite a nasty tune"
"The Ghostbusters aren't about to let this happen and they challenge these Bayou baddies to a battle of the bands"

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"get off me your not my dad!"