Sunday, June 19, 2011

Productive Living Strategies For People With AIDS [BOOK]

Yikesbought this at goodwill. I guess its a good book to have if you are ridden with AIDS. It gives the background of the disease,
It was called "The Gay Plague" in the early 80s. Thats pretty crazy. The book also talks about how children were infected.
It says most of the infected children were "black or hispanic, poor and urban and most of them came from New York, California, New Jersey or Florida.". It says that infected breast milk may be a cause of transmitting the disease. This was in the book too... I dont understand the need of it in an AIDS book though. It talks about "Examples of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Contrast Among Some Black Americans And Some Anglo-Americans"

Black2:Anglo2:"Talking "Black" by outsiders without authorization is an insult"

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