Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cellular Hellaphone
Im not sure how to start this story, so Im just going to go right into it. There was a girl at a bar, and she was drunk, talking about banging, and trying to smooch every guy in her area. Well the girl said "can I get your number" to a friend of mine. My friend said sure, and they exchanged numbers. But he saved her number as "DrunkUglySlut". A few months pass and my brother starts dating her. My friend, my brother, and the girl are all at a party. Shes whining about how she needs to check her messages and asks my friend if she could use his phone. He says sure. She dials her number and boom "calling DrunkUglySlut". She checked her messages, gave the phone back and left the party. Later he was looking through his phone and saw a call to "DrunkUglySlut" and realized she saw it.

Sorry I have nothing good to post..

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