Sunday, April 26, 2009

video upload for Eric and Spencer city - the story of the gravy

best band DVD I've ever seen. better than Metallicas "some kind of monster". one click download.


if you like this please comment.


weseenolimits said...

dude thank you Im DL now...

seriously this rules Im not leaving my room for days now..
honestly this is the best band DVD ever sealed the deal with making me a TS fan. So pumped

seriously brohymn thankss

weseenolimits said...

watching this demoing out songs with matt sharp and building the forest phone and and getting ready to call you..EE

love this. thanks buddy.

weseenolimits said...

its like they pick the exact spot in heaven to walk around on the clouds

Jay said...

haha thank you spencer, you are more then welcome... hey eric fuck you