Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In 1994 I was in 8th grade and my brother was a junior in high school. He was friends with a dude named Doug Hand and they both loved the Ottawa Senators. When the Senators came to play philly my dad bought 4 tickets for his birthday. My brother invited me to go, so I went. On the way up Doug was talking about what bands he really liked, and tried to get my brother into them. The bands I remember him talking about were Gorilla Biscuits, and Red Aunts. At the game they were wearing Ottawa gear and threats from the philly fans were borderline terroristic... whatever that means. On the ride home he kept talking about GB and the Red Aunts. I figured they would rule but my only source of income back then was from when I cut peoples lawns. So 10$ and a ride to Acrat later, I bought the GB 7inch. High Hopes was one of the first songs I ever learned on bass. The fastness and the shortness of the songs really got me hooked. Hold your ground and Finish what you started ruled too. I figured if this 7inch ruled so hard, the Red Aunts would have to rule too. God... worse album I ever listened to. I couldnt believe that he liked this AND GB. I figured I would start to try to find some bands on my own to listen to. I bought 7seconds New Wind and really was drawn to the fast "punkness" of that album. Next I bought Fugazi In on the Kill Taker and the album wasnt as good as GB or 7seconds but I still enjoyed it. Then I started buying everything from Earth crisis firestorm 7inch, to the Strife Grey 7inch. Then I started getting into pop-punk music. Pretty much anything on Fat Wrek Chords I bought. Face to Face, Screw 32, Nofx, all that bullshit. I loved it cause it was fast and catchy, and had melodic parts. Then I met Leek who opened everyones eyes in the area to Bane, Kid Dynamite, Boy Sets Fire, Strength 691, Hot Water Music, Clubber Lang, Mushmouth and a list of others. In 99' I got a job at Temperance Records. As I was looking through the one sheets of the bands on the label I came across this album the singer of the band was Doug Hand. I called him from work and let him know that I took his advice and bought the Gorilla Biscuits 7inch. He was alittle confused on who I was, but he remembered when I told him about the Ottawa game. I told him the Red Aunt CD I bought was horrible and he got offended. He told me the CD I bought was their worse one. So without leek and doug I never would have been down with the HXC sickness.

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